Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Decor

There’s lots of things you can do to make a bedroom more romantic, the right colors, textures and most importantly a well dressed bed can make all the difference. It all depends on your personal style and tastes but a romantic bedroom typically is a luxurious one, there isn’t much romantic about the minimalist look. Fabrics such as satin and velvet, colors that evoke the feeling of romance such as pinks, warm, rich tones, reds, purples. You don’t have to decorate an entire room in any of these colors, but having accents of them around the bedroom will create a warm romantic feel, same with the fabrics. See below for lots more romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

Choosing A Color Scheme

First off, what’s your favorite color? What color is your bedroom currently? Do those colors make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, or do they evoke other emotions? There’s no point in using a color that you hate in order to make a bedroom more romantic, so these are guide colors that come in lots of shades that can be played around with. What conjures up the idea of romance in your mind? A tropical beach with white sands and the bluest of waters, or maybe a log cabin with a roaring fire? It’s all about personal preference. Colors such as pinks, reds and purples are typically romantic. But you may favor more rustic colors, such as oranges or yellows, or maybe cooler colors such as blue or green. Something to remember when decorating a bedroom is to use a color that will aid sleep, not disrupt it. If a certain color makes you feel a certain way, take note, only use colors that you have a positive calm reaction to. Everyone reacts to colors differently, check out the color chart below and see what color you are drawn to, does it make you think of romance? If so use it, if not, move onto another color. If you do want to change the color scheme of your bedroom, maybe consider using a solid color as a feature wall behind the bed, this works especially well if it’s a bold color with the rest of the room being more neutral.

Romantic Fabrics

Typically Satin and velvet are romantic fabrics, but the way in which you use fabrics can also create a romantic look. The Moroccan style fabric ceiling is a great example, it softens a room and makes it cosy, it’s definitely to be considered romantic. Another great use of fabric is above the bed. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a four poster bed (possibly the ultimate in romantic bedroom furniture), this is a great way to create a similar effect. A bed canopy is an effective way of doing this.Both of these ideas soften the look and feel of a bedroom, a romantic bedroom should be cosy and inviting.

Wall Sticker Quotes

If you’re feeling really romantic, consider going for a wall sticker quote. These are really simple to use and can be re-positioned or removed whenever you like. Having a romantic quote on the wall behind a bed or facing a bed is a lovely idea. Even if you change nothing else about the room, one of those quotes is sure to add some romance. Maybe consider getting a photo on canvas made from a special photograph that holds special memories. You could team the two together so that the romantic quote is above or below the canvas, that would be a romantic touch.Wall stickers are a really easy way to update existing decor, you simply peel the sticker from the backing, position and stick.If you don’t like the way it looks you just peel from the wall and re-position it.

Romantic Bedding

The bed is the single most important piece of furniture in a bedroom and a place where you spend a considerable amount of time. Choosing romantic bedding is a great way to add a bit of romance into a bedroom. You don’t have to go for satin sheets to give your bed an air of romance, you just need nice, comfortable bedding to snuggle up in. If a bed looks well dressed and inviting, that’s half the battle solved Beds look best when they are dressed with a plump comforter and plump pillows. There’s lots of gorgeous bedding to choose from to suit all budgets. Transforming a bedroom into a romantic space is easy, you just need to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. If you want to spend time in a room, it’s because it ticks those two boxes.

Romantic Lighting

Low level lighting is always romantic and not to mention, flattering Using candles is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere in any bedroom. Making sure that candles are kept well away from any fabrics, especially bed canopies, this is a great way to light a bedroom and create a calm, relaxing feeling that is especially romantic. So that’s the romantic bedroom decorating ideas. Consider color, fabrics, romantic wall decor, making your bed inviting and soft romantic lighting. You’ll have a transformed bedroom in no time at all.

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