Create the Vintage Home Look

Create the Vintage Home Look

What is Vintage?

If you look in the dictionary the term vintage as an adjective is described as ‘denoting something of the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind’.

This is the phrase that I feel sums up the whole vintage ethos for me. Most people assume that the best of a particular kind should be expensive, to that I say no, absolutely not. The same qualities and styles of vintage can be found in some of the most unexpected and the most normal of places.

The vintage ‘look’

An old style or vintage theme can be derived from so many different eras. Of course everyone has a preferred era and therefore a preferred style. You can stick to one of these themes or mix your look up with themes from many different eras. Its all about what you as an individual likes, and what will look good and be practical in your home setting.

Some popular styles

I would like to share with you a few of my favourite eras and styles that I have used as a theme for my own home.

I suppose the oldest style on my hit list of favourites is the British Victorian era. From the mid 1800s to the very early 1900s. This was a time of lots of heavy dark furniture matched with heavy drapes and fabrics. White lace and linen was commonly used as table coverings and copper pots were the mainstay of cooking. This was a time where dark rooms were the norm, wallpapers were detailed and embossed. I find that you can take a small piece of Victoriana and sometimes that will be enough, otherwise the look may become too overwhelming. Having said that you can go the whole way with any look if you wish, its all down to personality.

Art Deco has got to be up there, producing some of the most radical design ideas of any era. Mirrors and angular design along with golds and chromes, these are all elements that can be adopted by you in your home. Many items that are available now to buy from a whole host of online retailers reflect the look of  the Deco period. I actually love the glamour of the look and feel it can provide and expensive decadent feel to your home.

Mid century design was from a time post war when the new generation was radicalizing the concept of furniture and home accessories. At the forefront of this was the Scandinavians who produced a whole load of well know iconic designs that the world had never seen before. Wooden furniture became lighter in colour and simpler in style. Home furnishings were colourful and bright using geometric patterns and flower power in everything from linen to cushions. Its a style that is incredibly popular today, any mid  century design style items can be incorporated within modern homes today. They have stood the test of time and fit perfectly with the ultra modern pared down look that is so sought after today.

Scandinavian, French or shabby Chic. Its a popular look that seems to be ever present in our lives today and provides us with perhaps the most shopping opportunities to buy items that achieve this theme. I think this style strikes a chord with most people, it harks back to a simpler time when life seemed easier. The painted furniture distressed in just the right places and the home made feel to so many of the items available in this theme make us feel warm and make our homes look loved and lived in. Probably one of the most enduring home styles of this 21st century.

So what now?

Keep an eye on my vintage home style hints and tips for your home. Be brave and embrace the ethos that not everything needs to be new for it to be beautiful and practical. There is so much out there that can be utilized to suit your expectations and needs. Above all keep an open mind for you never know when you may stumble across the ultimate item especially for you.

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