Decorating with Aqua

Aqua Decorating Colors and Textures

Get Ideas for Decorating with the Color Aqua. See Images of How to Decorate with Aqua.

The key to creating a beautiful room is to choose a color palette that is soothing and pleasing to each person who will use the room. When opting for a calm, restful ambience, the color aqua is a natural choice. The color aqua transforms a room’s mood and feel in dramatic ways.

Color is a dynamic element in your home’s décor, tying together room furnishings and accessories, as well as creating just the right mood.

Whether decorating a beach cottage, an up-scale Manhattan apartment or a Mediterranean vacation villa, consider the soothing qualities of aqua when creating that perfect escape from life’s challenges and busy schedules.

The color aqua can create a space with a welcoming feel and a restful atmosphere. Aqua is serene and nature-inspired. The color aqua ranges between a very green hue to a darker blue hue, but few colors matches aqua’s soothing effect, or equals its calming influence. Aqua creates its magic with meditative
tones of silvery blue green, turquoise sea tones and warm smokey teal.

Whether decorating with aqua in the dining room, in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, expect a calming influence on spaces decorated with great color. The freshness of aqua is a perfect decorating color for all rooms throughout the well-decorated home.
Freshen a bedroom decorating theme by adding soft and brilliant aqua.
A bedroom rich in sensual texture and color makes a bold design statement. In the image right, the bedroom’s neutral wall color and dark furnishings are unerringly livable and beautifully balanced. Walls, the color of pale gold, allow the furnishings and the wall decor to take center stage without any competition. Aqua decorating accessories are richer in color as a counterpoint to the room’s ethereally pale walls. Accessories introduce more saturated color while maintaining the space’s comfortable feel.
In the adjoining bathroom color intensity is geared up a notch. Walls are washed with aqua and shades of aqua, from green hues to darker blue hues, are found in the glass vase, wall art and bath linens. Pairing aqua with brilliant white presents a pristine feel and popular in coastal as well as Mediterranean decorating themes.
THE DECORATING CHALLENGE: How do you introduce aqua in to a bedroom when the walls are gold and the bedspread is a bright rust color?

The first step in decorating this master bedroom is to choose a color palette that is complimentary to the gold wall color as well as the existing rust colored bedding.

Selecting a tropical theme wall tapestry provides color inspiration and theme. Tropical theme accent pillows and a table runner draped across the bed are rich in rust, gold, green and soothing aqua. The accent pillows are key to emphasizing the tapestry’s infusion of aqua color.
Shades of terra cotta, green and aqua dominate the master bathroom tub area and evoke thoughts of tropical landscapes. Inspired by the turquoise waters and aged terra cotta stone in the bedroom wall tapestry, the walls are washed with a similar color scheme. Iron wall decor enhances the arched display niche above the tub.

Dark wood is a tropical must. Dark cabinetry and dark furniture are characteristic of tropical furnishings and mix beautifully with the color aqua.
Abundant natural light, lush greenery and shades of aqua boost the airy tropical bathroom theme.

Complimentary to rustic as well as more traditional settings, oversized basketry and ceramics are an answer to smart bathroom decorating.
The oversized ceramic bowl is ideal for towel and toiletry storage in the tropical theme master bath.
Create a dramatic and serene master bedroom suite by combining dark wood and dark wall art with wall colors in sage green and soft aquamarine.
When wall color is a solid color, patterned or textured draperies on the windows is best. Aqua embroidered swag panels showcase dark woven window blinds in this bedroom design. Woven blinds allow filtered light to enter this bedroom and
at the same time provide privacy.

The texture added by the blinds is a plus and being able to bring the outside in enhances the room’s size. Natural light is a plus in all rooms of a home and the textural appeal of the blinds allows for a future design change to a West Indies decorating theme.

With chocolate brown drapes behind the bed, combined with the aqua and brown draperies swagged over the window, the homeowner has set the stage for a fashionable aqua and brown bedspread. The aqua accent pillow gives the design an extra punch of color.

An aqua and brown bedroom is restful and provides a much needed refuge to unwind at day’s end. Ah, the Beauty of Aqua and Brown!

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