French Country Wall Decor in Tapestry

French Country wall decor is not limited to the mediums of oil and water color on canvas. French Country decor mediums available to homeowners is limited only by the imagination. For centuries artists have passed their messages to the world by expressing their thoughts using a variety of mediums. In a well-designed French Country decor […]

Bedroom Decorating Colors and Textures

CHOOSING BEDROOM FURNITURE, DECORATING COLORS AND LUXURY BEDDING Get Ideas for Bedroom Decorating Colors, Trends and Fashions from our Decorating Pictures and Photos CREATE BEDROOM DECORATING MAGIC WHEN CHOOSING BEDROOM FURNITURE AND BEDDING A bedroom rich in sensual texture and color makes a bold design statement. The elegant bedding offered by Accents of Salado revives […]

How to Choose and Arrange Wall Decor

How to Choose and Arrange Wall Art in Large Spaces VIEWING DISTANCE – Consider viewing distance when choosing and arranging wall art in large, oversized spaces. When deciding how to decorate a wall there are several considerations. Viewing distance is one of the most important. Artwork viewing distance becomes a priority in large rooms. Remembering […]

Wall Decor

THE CLASSIC ARCH – Arch architectural details provide visual impact to interior and exterior design. It was not until the time of the Etruscans (Tuscany) that the arch was widely used in public architecture. Borrowing from the Etruscans in northern Italy, the Romans advanced the development of the arch. By combining arch building techniques from […]

Home Decorating Ideas for a Casual and Stylish Decor

Casual Lifestyle Decorating Create rooms that wrap you in warmth. Now its easier than ever to have the casual home decor you’ve always dreamed of . . . perfect for the relaxed way you like to live. Transforming your living spaces to compliment your casual lifestyle can be accomplished with simple ideas in home decorating. […]

Dining Room Decor and Home Decorating Accessories

New Ideas for How to Decorate with Dining Room Mirrors Mirrors are one of the designer’s most useful tools. Mirrors increase light in a room with few windows and multiply and distribute the light from existing windows. In the dining room, mirrors reflect candlelight and exaggerate chandelier luminescence. When placed atop a serving buffet, a […]


Old World Kitchen Decor Creating a casual old world kitchen look is easy with furniture and accessories designed for Spanish, Tuscan and French Country kitchens. Large metal cook ware, colorful ceramic food canisters and large decorative platters and bowls, in the richest of warm earthy colors, decorate walls, old world kitchen islands and open shelves. […]