If you feel that you want to give your infant toddler care at a child care center or a family child care home, there are a few things to look out for and consider that will help ensure that your infant gets the best care. To begin with, you should look for a cozy as well as loving environment that also has a homely feel. This is because it is usual to cuddle the toddler and so one needs it to be held in caring arms as well as be held with tenderness and feeding too should also be well taken care of.

Play With The Babies

Infant toddler care also requires that the caregivers enjoy playing with babies and in this regard it would be advisable for adults to play special games such as peek-a-boo and petty-cake that will help the babies in enjoying themselves more, and they should be encouraged to learn to enthusiastically enjoy taking part in these games. Caregivers should also get the babies interested and be encouraged to crawl towards them so that they learn to become more mobile.

It is also necessary for infant toddler care to involve giving of toys that are of a number of different types that the toddlers can explore. These toys should get the babies to pull, squeeze, push as well as roll and bang as well as investigate how to play with them. You may also give the toddler puzzles. In addition, you can also give soft balls for squeezing that should be regularly washed and which should not be so small as to make the infant choke on them.

You can also make infant toddler care more enjoyable by giving the infant a number of different blocks that allow the baby to pick and bang them together as well as build upon. Singing and crooning is also worth using on the infants that will help ease the infant into their naptimes as well as be useful in comforting them when they become distressed. Singing familiar songs will also help keep the toddlers in good humor.

If you are going to give the toddler books to read make sure that these should made from plastic, cloth as well as heavy cardboard and such books should ideally have one picture on each page that depict animals as well things that the infant will be most familiar with. Further, good infant toddler care should encourage the toddler into building better small-motor skills as well as make it more dexterous and also be taught to be sociable as well as friendly.

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