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New Ideas for How to Decorate with Dining Room Mirrors
Mirrors are one of the designer's most useful tools. Mirrors increase light in a room with few windows and multiply and distribute the light from existing windows. In the dining room, mirrors reflect candlelight and exaggerate chandelier luminescence. When placed atop a serving buffet, a mirror adds sparkle to all objects placed on top of it. A long mirror incorporated into a dining table centerpiece showcases crystal table appointments. Mirrors make a dining experience
Tall Mediterranean Style Mirror

Dining room mirrors are great decorating tools and come in all sizes, shapes and styles.
unique and special. Reflective qualities are most often the homeowner's major concern when it comes to mirrors, but designers use mirrors by placing them in strategic locations throughout a room's design.

Celice Scrolled Iron Mirror
Strategically placed mirrors reflect and draw attention to architectural assets and important decorative objects, art and sculpture. Mirrors not only reflect and showcase architectural assets of a dining room, but as shown in the dining room picture above, a mirror's shape can compliment the window and door architectural shape thus bringing added cohesion to the room's interior design.
Dining Room Decorating Ideas

When decorating a dining room, consider ambience and mood. The role played by candlelight and the mirrors to reflect that candlelight are fundamental to dining room design. The dining room is a room that handles unique mirror styles. The main purpose of the mirror is to bounce light around the room rather than fully reflecting a person's image.

Reflected candlelight is mysterious and romantic. Reflected candlelight can originate on the dining room wall but it can also be reflected from a sideboard or the dining room table. Consider placing a long narrow mirror under your centerpiece candles and see your dining experience become special and unique.

Candle holders enhance decor and in the dining room. Candle holder accessories can be wall sconces, tall pillar styles for the dining table, scrolled iron candle holders and large glass hurricanes.
Mirrors are favorite wall decor for reflecting light in just the right space and at the same time become exquisite wall art when framed in scrolls of iron or unique carved wood designs. A large mirror amplifies space and makes the dining room appear larger. A framed mirror completely changes the ambience of the dining room. Applying design tips on how to decorate with mirrors is easy and you will love the room-changing results.
It's all about texture, color and theme when you decorate a room. When decorating your dining room, consider the centuries old European tradition of using artwork and wall tapestry to decorate important rooms in your home. Update your home decor with wall art and wall tapestry from our framed print and large tapestry selection. Add vivid color, soft texture and casual art themes to your dining room decor.

The gold dining room, shown in the BEFORE picture, lacks balance and harmony. The dining room wall decor and light fixture appear insignificant. The artwork and fixture are lost in the room due to size, color or texture. Neither the light fixture, nor the wall decor, compliments the dining room architecture.

Small changes make big differences. In our first dining room makeover we chose bold and dramatic accessories to bring a designer's touch to this gold dining room. Accessories with bold simplicity, textural contrast and earthy colors enhance the dining room theme. The outdated light fixture is replaced by a scrolled iron pendant light fixture. It compliments the color in the dining room table and the scrolls of iron compliment the arched window and door. Continuing to focus on architectural style, a Mediterranean theme wall tapestry is chosen for a finishing touch. Wall tapestry and scrolled iron are natural compliments to Mediterranean style architecture as well as the gold wall color and the rich wood tones found in the dining room table and chairs. Simple flowing lines and detail to scale create balance and harmony within the newly decorated room.

In the second dining room makeover, the designer opts for smaller artwork and chooses bold prints in which the subject is easily seen from all points of the dining room. Urns and vessels, used by ancient civilizations to store and transport food, are the artwork subject. The wall art theme compliments the room's purpose. To bring the wall art to scale, an arched wrought iron topper and a vertical piece of iron enlarge, join and define the wall art display. The scrolled iron is complimentary to the light fixture and the arch in the window and door. The orange floral arrangement adds color to the room and provides another spot of greenery. The arrangement anchors the artwork to the sideboard below and it brings out the rust color in the wall art as well as in the dining room furniture.

Wall Art Decor - Iron Light Fixtures

Wall Art Decor
Consider dramatic wall decor in your dining room decorating theme. Large framed prints complimented by iron wall decor make a bold statement in a casual dining room decor.
Red Dining Room Walls
Wall Art Decor for Red Dining Rooms

For the best dining experience, use warm hues on the wall that are muted or shaded. Red, orange and gold colors help stimulate the appetite and, when toned-down, are excellent color choices for dining room walls. Red will need a little help from yellow to be a toned-down muted shade.

Rich red walls, bold fabrics, dramatic wall decor and dark wood furnishings create a designer look, but you don't have to paint the walls red to have a red dining room.

You can create your red theme with selective wall decor, dinnerware, table linens, decorative accessories and floral. Your dining room should be a natural extension of the rest of your home. Continue color and style themes used in adjoining rooms.
Red Theme Dining Room
Red Dining Room
Old World Dining Room
Soft Cranberry Red Wall Color

In these dining room pictures, two very different decorating styles are presented.

Whether choosing rich cranberry red wall color in your dining room or a sleek chocolate brown and blue color theme, wall art provides the opportunity to enhance wall color selection.

In the red dining room picture (left), artwork brings additonal red color to the room. In the blue and brown dining room picture (right), the framed black and white photography accentuates the contemporary decorating style.

Dining room wall color sets the mood for decorating style. Furnishings and decorative accessories set the style.
Contemporary Dining Room
Brown Blue Dining Room


Gold dining room wall color allows for the introduction of many colors in to your dining room decor and red is one of the most stunning additions. Let a highly saturated red or a dark, soft, subdued red do the work in dining room wall decor and accessories. Combining gold and red is very French, very Asian, very Mediterranean and very traditional. Gold wall color has additional advantages in the dining room. Gold dining room walls compliment warm-hued wood floors, tables, buffets and hutches, not to mention the food.
Red Dining Room


It's all about, texture, color and theme when you update your decor. Softening a room, with the rich warmth of red tapestry, can make the space feel more inviting and wall hangings are an excellent opportunity to enhance your red color theme. Wall tapestry softens hard metals like copper and hard surfaces like earthenware and metal. Woven art tapestry brings color, softness and dramatic red dining room design to large walls in your dining room as well as wall space in the foyer, living room and bedroom.

Red Dining Room Decorating Accessories

Floral is also a perfect sofening agent for hard surfaces and is one of the easiest ways to enhance your color theme.

Nothing changes a dining room more than a new wall paint color. If you love your wall color, but just want to update a tired room, changing the wall decor may be your answer.

New artwork and a unique dining room mirror bring new life to the dining room's decor with a fresh view and introduction of new colors. Bring colors in to the dining room that you never dreamed possible. With the addition of a few accessories to enhance those new colors, friends and family who gather there will appreciate a new look in familiar surroundings.

In our online shopping selection find mirrors, deluxe-framed wall art and dining room furniture ideal for all rooms in the casual style home.
Dining Room Wall Art - Gold and Red
Wine-Theme Artwork
Vineyard and wine theme artwork is fashionable in the dining room. When combined with a deluxe frame and unique matting, a wine-theme print becomes a stunning piece of dining room wall decor.

Make a unique and unmistakable statement of good taste by showcasing your favorite vineyard and wine theme art. Find a large selection of wine prints in our online shopping selection.


Celebrating family, friends and the food they share is fundamental to casual living. From sharing food preparation tasks in the kitchen to sit-down dining at a large wood table, the casual home is designed around family, comfort and togetherness. Create a casual dining table centerpiece complete with candles to showcase the importance of family and friends. Candles and greenery add more texture, color, and interest to a casual dining experience.
Dining Room Floral Arrangements
Silk Flower Arrangements

Fruit and floral centerpieces compliment a myriad of decorating styles. Dried floral, candles and faux fruit are natural choices for casual dining room decorating.
Dining Room Floral Arrangements
Dining Room Decor
Accessorizing with Attention to Detail, Color, Style and Form

dining room art

Transform an ordinary dining room into one where traditional old world accessories are showcased.

IMAGE LEFT A traditional dining room with traditional table and chairs becomes more casual with artwork presented in an iron frame.

IMAGE RIGHT Old world urns in earthy colors are combined with antiqued oil pantings to enhance heavily textured walls in this rustic dining room decor.

Casual rustic decorating styles include country, lodge, Tuscan, Spanish Hacienda and French Country. Source materials common to rustic decorating accessories are often organic in nature. Decorative accessories are made from primitive woods, glass, metals like copper and pewter, earthenware and ceramic, wicker, burlap and grasses. Wall art accessories are often made from dark wood and iron.

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Dining Room Furniture
Dining Room Furniture
There is no mistaking the Mediterranean influences in the classic Hacienda style dining room pictured here. This traditional hacienda style is strongly influenced by European styles of the Spanish colonial era.

Creating an old world dining room can be comforting, stylish and welcoming to those who live and visit there. Transform an unnoticed space into a sensory experience with old world dining room furniture. Our dining table and chair selection transforms an everyday dining experience into one with a touch of Mediterranean charm.

Creating a stylish dining room is easy with dining room furniture from Accents of Salado. Begin with a warm wood dining room table. Accents of Salado offers a large selection of Tuscan style extension dining tables that seat up to 12. Choose from round dining room tables small enough for a breakfast room and large enough for large dining rooms. Included in our selection are extra long dining tables that extend up to 144 inches and round tables up to an oversized 72 inch diameter.
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Long Dining Room Tables for Casual Lifestyles
When homeowners want a warm and welcoming dining room where they can entertain at holidays and celebrate special occasions, an extra-long dining room table with extensions is a perfect solution.

If you have limited space and are shopping for a regular-sized table, look for one with extra leaf extensions. Table leaf extensions allow you to accommodate more people for special occasions and to return the dining table back to its normal size for everyday use.

Extra Long Dining Tables
Dining Room Tables
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Dining Room Buffet Wine Cabinet


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